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The Top Six Neighborhoods for Waterfront Homes in Miami, FL

June 16, 2017
bay point waterfront homes

Miami is filled with waterfront homes, and sometimes it’s near impossible to know where to start. Have you thought about sectioning your options into their neighborhoods? We’ve done the work for you in this article. This is your one-stop shop for waterfront homes in Miami, FL. Here are the top 6 neighborhoods for waterfront homes in Miami, FL.

  1.     Bay Point

First on this list is famous Bay Point. Here’s a gorgeous 5 bedroom/ 5 bathroom waterfront home in Miami. Bay Point is a gated community in Miami, and it features plenty of waterfront homes. You’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

  1.     Biscayne Island

biscayne waterfront homes

Next on the list is the beautiful Biscayne Island. This 4 bedroom/ 5 bathroom home in Miami is a waterfront lover’s dream. The best thing about a waterfront home is the sunsets, and in Biscayne Island, you’ll find them wherever you go. Also, did we mention its close proximity to the airport? Talk about convenience.

  1.     Belle Meade

belle meade waterfront homes

Belle Meade is a neighborhood known for its waterfront properties. Get the full Caribbean feel by stepping foot onto a property like this 5 bedroom/ 7 bathroom home. If you’re looking for a quiet, spacious neighborhood for your family— look no further.

  1.     Edgewater

edgewater waterfront homes

If you’re looking for waterfront properties, what better neighborhood to search than Edgewater? It features many beautiful homes that front the water, and luxurious doesn’t even begin to cover it. North of Downtown and South of the Upper East Side, this neighborhood has everything you’ll need. Including waterfront homes, of course.

  1.     Brickell

brickell waterfront homes

Brickell is just a refreshing and luxurious as it sounds. Brickell is known as the “urban” neighborhood in Miami, with amazing cafes, and unmatched shopping. With waterfront homes everywhere you turn, you’re definitely going to find one that’s perfect for you. Fun fact: Brickell is also Miami’s financial district.

  1.     Upper East Side

uppear east side waterfront homes

You’ve heard of Upper East Side, but maybe not the one in Miami. If you’re on the hunt for a luxurious neighborhood with homes fronting the water, don’t miss out on Miami’s Upper East Side neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a permanent residence, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

So, as you can see, Miami is not short on stunning waterfront homes. Whether you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood for your family, or a lively neighborhood to call your home, it’s here in Miami.

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