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Get to Know the Market of Real Estate Miami Beach

May 23, 2017
Real Estate Miami Beach If the life of luxury is for you, you’ve likely already considered searching for real estate in Miami Beach. The lifestyle it brings is unmatched extravagance, and the beauty you’ll witness every day is second to none. Can you see yourself in a luxurious private pool and then being whisked away on your yacht after your dip? You won’t be disappointed in what Miami Beach real estate has to offer. Something that Miami Beach is known for is its opulent houses and the sheer variety of architecture you can find in a variety of price levels.…
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Houses for Sale in Miami Beach front of house

Expand Your Search to Houses for Sale in Miami Beach

May 16, 2017
We hear about this struggle all the time. You’ve been looking for real estate for months, browsing what seems like every website available. All you want is to invest in a great vacation home in a luxurious area that will have everything you need. If this all sounds familiar— you must consider expanding your search to houses for sale in Miami Beach. Not only does Miami Beach have unmatched views from almost anywhere in the city (which you can see more of here: Top 10 Properties With the Best Views in Miami Beach), it’s also the home of some of…
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Julian Johnston - Venetian Islands -Purdy Avenue Dock

What No Other Place in the U.S. Has: Miami Beach Real Estate

May 11, 2017
See what Miami Beach Real Estate has to offer Whether you’re looking for nightlife, family fun, history, or everything above— you’ll find it in Miami Beach. Miami Beach real estate offers some of the most luxurious living in southern Florida, complete with amazing views, gourmet food, and unparalleled shopping. The high life will come naturally when you’re spending your days in such a uniquely elegant city with such a great amount of character. Especially when you’re frequenting a gem that no other place in the U.S. has— South Beach. If you’re planning to look for a property in Miami Beach…
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Art Deco in Miami Beach houses

The Art Deco History of Miami Beach Houses

May 9, 2017
Miami Beach and it's Art Deco Miami Beach is widely known for its character, which comes from its history. If you take a stroll looking at Miami Beach houses, you’ll probably see some houses that you’re used to seeing in suburban areas — but you’ll also see some unique houses with characteristics you haven’t found anywhere else. Among these unique houses in Miami Beach, you’ll to notice some common themes. Those pastel colors, portholes, ziggurat (stepped) roofs, etc. So what is this aesthetic, and where did it come from? This 2 bedroom/2 bathroom home is a great example. Notice the ziggurat…
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Miami beach homes for sale modern architecture

The Character of Architecture of the Miami Beach Homes for Sale

May 4, 2017
The total package in Miami Beach real estate isn’t complete without its character. What do you look for when you’re browsing homes for sale? The basics — bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage? Don’t leave it at that. Take advantage of the amazing character of architecture that Miami Beach has to offer. You’ll be sure to grow accustomed to this luxurious lifestyle matched with charm. Being that there is so much variety to look for in Miami Beach, you should get familiar with the many styles of architecture you’ll be met with. Modern No matter what you’re looking for, Miami Beach homes…
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Most incredible pool in miami beach real estate

Top Amenities When Looking for Miami Beach Real Estate

May 2, 2017
It’s easy to become overwhelmed while shopping for real estate — especially somewhere with as many beautiful options as Miami Beach. What should set your future home apart from the rest? One word: amenities. Forget endless scrolling through listings to find something that sparks your interest. Start here. Amenities can take an average listing and make it luxury. Lucky for you, Miami Beach real estate is not lacking in that department. We’ve broken down the top amenities to look for specifically in Miami Beach. Ocean Access Waterfront Take advantage of being in this one-of-a-kind location and seek out waterfront properties.…
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Miami Beach Celebrates Earth Day & Makes the City Beautiful

April 17, 2017
Miami Beach is such a fantastic city to live in, and what better way to show our appreciation to our home town than by making the city beautiful. This Earth Day we can celebrate our planet, and help make our neighborhood a better place. We often take for granted our immense luck and privilege of living on such a gorgeous planet that sustains life. Take a look at ways we can celebrate Earth Day in Miami Beach, and how we can do our part to make our section of the planet a clean environment. Celebrate Earth Day in Miami Beach…
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JUlian Johnston - Cover - Top Miami Beach Waterfront Homes

Top Miami Beach Waterfront Homes

April 10, 2017
Miami Beach offers buyers some of the most luxurious waterfront homes in the world. Residents of Miami Beach chose to live in the vacation capital of the world because of the beautiful weather, breathtaking views, and fabulous lifestyle. Buyers are attracted to the quality of living in Miami Beach, which includes high-quality shopping, dining, and entertainment options. If you are thinking about moving to Miami Beach, take a peek at these great Miami Beach waterfront homes for sale. 1511 West 27th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33140 This idyllic sanctuary nestled within the Sunset Islands neighborhood of Miami Beach is located…
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Miami Beach - Julian Johnston - Best Views

Top 10 Properties With the Best Views in Miami Beach

April 5, 2017
South Florida, in particular Miami Beach, offers amazing views from many vantage points. Both Miami Beach homes and Miami Beach condos offer breathtaking ocean, bay, intracoastal, and cityscape views. Many residents choose to live in Miami Beach waterfront homes for added privacy and direct water views; while other Miami Beach residents opt to live in luxurious condo communities, in mansion high up in the clouds. Whatever living style you prefer, Miami Beach has a dream view property for everyone. Take a look at the top 10 Miami Beach waterfront homes with the best views, followed by the Miami Beach waterfront…
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Julian Johnston - Miami Beach - 102 24th Street PH1610 Miami Beach FL cover

What $20 Million Can Get You on Miami Beach

April 3, 2017
Miami Beach is a fantastic place to live. Vacationers flock from around the globe to experience the sights and sounds that Miami Beach residents experience every day. Throughout its varying neighborhoods, Miami Beach offers a plethora of incredible Miami Beach waterfront homes and Miami Beach waterfront condos. Luxury real estate in Miami Beach ranges from the low millions to $65 million +. However, a good median Miami Beach waterfront property rate is around $20 million. Take a look at the listings to see what $20 million can get you on Miami Beach. 102 24th St. #PH1610, Miami Beach, FL 33139…
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Julian johnston
Julian Johnston Miami beach real estate
Whether it’s fantastic vacation homes overlooking the sun-kissed waters of Biscayne Bay, or modern condos at the center of Miami’s hottest attractions, Julian Johnston has the expertise to find the home of your dreams. With over twelve years of experience in residential real estate, Julian has become the leading waterfront home broker in Miami Beach.

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