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Let the #1 Realtor in Miami Beach Help You Sell Your House at the Perfect Price

June 10, 2017

Moving is stressful. Whether you’re downsizing or on the hunt for your absolute dream home, there are things you can’t do alone. In the process of moving, sometimes the most stressful part is being able to sell your home for a price that is beneficial for you, you know, what your home is really worth. The talent it takes to sell a home at the perfect price is not that of someone with no experience. If you’re looking to find your perfect Miami Beach realtor, look no further than the #1 Realtor in Miami Beach.

You’re already here. Julian Johnston is the top realtor in Miami Beach, and he’s available to work his magic on your Miami Beach home for sale. Johnston has sold homes for $15 million, $20 million and, his personal best, $25 million. No small feat. To learn a little bit more about Johnston, check out this link: About Julian Johnston.

julian johnston realtor miami beach

To put it short, you need someone in your corner who you can trust. That means choosing the right Miami Beach Realtor is crucial in ensuring a smooth process of selling your home. Leaving the hard work to Julian will be the defining factor that brings your home to offers you’ve dreamt of.

If you’re looking for fantastic credentials, Johnston makes the cut. If celebrity endorsement is enough to impress you, he’s your guy. Johnston really is the gold-standard in Miami Beach real estate, and he proves that time and time again with his reviews and sales. In fact, Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Tyga once stayed in a $20 million home listed by Johnston.

kylie jenner and tyga

His star-studded clientele isn’t the only impressing thing about Johnston (though, that is pretty impressive). It’s his dedication and pure passion that drives his numbers, and he’s known for not being satisfied until his client is satisfied.

Don’t waste your time on Miami Beach Realtors who aren’t going to go the extra mile for you. Getting the offers you want is possible with experience and passion on your side, and that’s Julian Johnston. So, if you’re been pacing back and forth wondering how you’re going to get the offers you need on your home, stick with Julian Johnston. He has the tools, the experience, the credentials, and passion to ensure that your home sells for the perfect price. What are you waiting for? He’s awaiting your call. Contact Julian Johnston today!

Julian johnston
Julian Johnston Miami beach real estate
Whether it’s fantastic vacation homes overlooking the sun-kissed waters of Biscayne Bay, or modern condos at the center of Miami’s hottest attractions, Julian Johnston has the expertise to find the home of your dreams. With over twelve years of experience in residential real estate, Julian has become the leading waterfront home broker in Miami Beach.

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