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The Art Deco History of Miami Beach Houses

May 9, 2017
Art Deco in Miami Beach houses

Miami Beach and it’s Art Deco

Miami Beach is widely known for its character, which comes from its history. If you take a stroll looking at Miami Beach houses, you’ll probably see some houses that you’re used to seeing in suburban areas — but you’ll also see some unique houses with characteristics you haven’t found anywhere else. Among these unique houses in Miami Beach, you’ll to notice some common themes. Those pastel colors, portholes, ziggurat (stepped) roofs, etc. So what is this aesthetic, and where did it come from?

Miami Beach houses with Art Deco

This 2 bedroom/2 bathroom home is a great example. Notice the ziggurat (stepped) roof, and pastel colors; it looks as if it’s been preserved. Homes like these are examples of the Art Deco history of Miami Beach homes, and in the Art Deco District. Art Deco is the architecture and overall aesthetic that you can find throughout the city, and specifically in the Art Deco Historic District. It’s also a piece of history still alive in Miami Beach. Beginning as a European style in the 1920’s, it deservedly gained popularity worldwide in the 1930’s. Read more about the Art Deco Historic District here: Tour the Jewel of Miami Beach: The Art Deco Historic District. Art Deco in Miami Beach houses

Although much of the Art Deco architecture was destroyed by a hurricane in 1926, the character of the district remains one of Miami Beach’s defining features. The Art Deco District is still regarded as a U.S. Historic Site, and Miami Beach has a larger collection of Art Deco architecture than any other city. In Miami Beach, there is plenty of history to experience, not limited to Art Deco, and you can read about that here: Like History and Heritage? Miami Beach Has Plenty of Both!

Because it’s such an integral part of Miami Beach’s history, The Art Deco Historic District has inspired a great amount of pride within the community, and it’s celebrated often. For example, Miami Beach has held events like “Art Deco Weekend” which has passed, but you can read about it here: A Guide to Art Deco Weekend.

Miami Beach is a community of luxury and high life, but not without character and history. Whether you’re looking to stay secluded in your own space, enjoying the water, and boating, or experiencing the history by attending a community event— Miami Beach has plenty to offer.

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